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Quick Order Help

Step 1 - Find the Quick Order Button

You can find the Quick Order button on the website header and this is accessible from any page on the site.

On smaller screens and mobile devices, you can access the Quick Order function through the stacked hamburger menu.

Step 2 - Search for a Product Number

Once you've entered the Quick Order function, simply add the number of the product and the quantity you wish to order, and hit the Add to Basket button.

You can also copy and paste a list of codes and quantities from a document such as Microsoft Excel or Word. Each line should contain one code and the quantity separated by a comma.

To find a product's header code or individual SKU code, there are a few options. A SKU code is specific to an individual item and helps identify its size, colour or other unique quality. The SKU code may be found on an invoice, delivery note or order confirmation, or you may be able to get it from your recent order history online.

Meanwhile, the product's header code helps to group related SKUs together. It could group different sizes of a jacket or colours of a helmet. You're most likely to see this at the top of the product page online or in a printed catalogue or brochure. Sometimes a SKU code will be used as a header code, especially where there are no other related SKUs.

Both types of code usually contain six or seven characters and can consist solely of digits or a mixture of letters and digits. It doesn't matter which type of code you have access to as both will be accepted by the Quick Order function. Entering the SKU code will allow you to add to basket more quickly but if you enter a header code, the menu will take you to a separate page to narrow your selection.

The Quick Order function also validates product codes as you enter them. So, if you enter an invalid code, it will be flagged here, rather than when you view your basket at checkout. This makes for a speedy and intuitive process and allows you to fix product code errors as you shop.

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