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All the latest news and updates from the UK's leading supplier of safety clothing and equipment

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Change to Our Website Sign in Process

27 February 2024

Change to our website sign in process

We have now upgraded our website security which means that if you have an arco account, the way that you sign in will change, though your existing username and password will remain the same.

Previously you entered your sign in details into the main drop-down box on our website as shown in the top image.

Now, when entering your sign in details into a drop-down box, you simply click ‘sign in’ and will be automatically directed to a new secure sign in page to enter your details, as shown in the image to the right.

These changes will help ensure your sign in experience remains secure. If you have any difficulty signing in, or need to obtain sign in details, please visit our update login help page here.

Change to forgotten password process

If you forget your Arco password, our new process allows you to reset it online by using a unique code that we will send directly to the email associated to your account. Enter it into the website and then select a new secure password to continue shopping with us. As shown in the image to the right.

As a quick reminder, we are unable to give passwords over the phone and Arco will never ask you to disclose your password at any time.

Arco Publishes Whitepaper on Emerging Disease Preparedness

08 January 2024

  • Calls on Government to improve regulation and guidance for procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • A robust PPE stockpile should be created to mitigate supply chain risk
  • The Government should develop the ability to source additional PPE at scale and improve domestic production of PPE

The UK Government's National Risk Register has assessed another pandemic as the most significant risk to the UK's safety, security and prosperity, with a 5 COVID-19 25% possibility of another pandemic striking over the next five years. Responding to the Government enquiry into emerging diseases, Arco, the UK's leading provider of safety products and services has published a whitepaper: Pandemic Preparedness and Business Continuity: Preparing effectively for emerging diseases with a set of recommendations to build resilience for the future.

Arco has been at the forefront of responding to global health emergencies and crises such as Foot and Mouth Disease, swine and Ebola, COVID-19 and most recently, avian flu.

Thomas Martin, Arco Chairman said:

"As the UK's leading safety expert, Arco has a right and responsibility to share our experiences and make recommendations for future preparedness. We've been vocal about improving pandemic preparedness for some time now, and we felt a responsibility to share our experiences and expertise to improve the UK's response to emerging disease threats."

The company is now urging the Government to act and enhance preparedness for future PPE challenges posed by the spread of new diseases with pandemic potential.

The six key areas with recommendations are:

  1. Improve national guidance and procurement of PPE.
  2. Develop national healthcare guidelines for recommended methods and frequency of face fit testing for respiratory protection, and training of testers.
  3. Ensure guidance and practical training is provided for all PPE.
  4. All PPE should be sourced from an ethical supply chain.
  5. Create a transparent and robust PPE stockpile.
  6. Establish a resilient supply chain ensuring continuity of manufacture and supply of PPE.

Guy Bruce, CEO of Arco, said:

"This whitepaper establishes our experience in responding to global crises and includes our evidence and recommendations for the future.

"These focus on the key areas of pandemic planning, guidance on respiratory face fit testing, PPE compliance, ethical sourcing, PPE stockpiling and building a resilient supply chain. Whilst the recommendations are made to government, they include actions that are relevant to all industry to ensure resilience and business continuity, should another pandemic occur. We urge the Government, Healthcare leaders, critical infrastructure and industries plus businesses generally to act on our recommendations to ensure we can all be better prepared for any future emergencies and help make our world a safer place."

To read the full paper, visit: https://www.arco.co.uk/shaping-the-safety-agenda/pandemic-preparedness

  • A New Year - A Renewed Focus

    01 January 2024

    As we start the new year, the most recent statistics from the Health and Safety Executive serve as a stark reminder that Health and Safety initiatives must remain a priority for businesses in 2024, as we see an increase in workplace fatalities, the number of working days lost and the annual cost of work-related ill health and injury.

    At Arco, we believe everyone has a fundamental right to return home from work each day safe and well.

    Compared to pre-pandemic levels, more workers are suffering from work-related ill health and long-term health conditions are costing lives and resources. Despite this, there has been a reduction in workers experiencing non-fatal injuries and significantly fewer working days have been lost when compared to the 2019/20. As we return to the working practices of pre-COVID, safety must reemerge as the utmost priority for businesses as we work towards eradicating workplace fatalities and reducing injuries to a minimum.

    With nearly 140 years of safety expertise, businesses can seek professional training and expert advice from Arco to keep their business and their people safe.

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  • Arco Wins Prestigious Award for Circular Hi-Vis Range

    28 November 2023

    We are delighted to announce that Arco has been awarded the prestigious 'Recycled Product of the Year Award' at the 2023 MRW National Recycling Awards, recognising the innovative 'Arco Responsible Hi-Vis' clothing range created to tackle excessive waste in a niche and difficult to recycle segment of the clothing industry.

    The 'Recycled Product of the Year' category required the product entered to exemplify the best of sustainability that must have been designed with careful consideration of resources and incorporate recycled content.

    Through a partnership with polyester recycling company, Stuff4Life, Arco's Responsible Hi-Vis garments are designed to last longer, made from certified recycled and responsibly-sourced materials, and developed with end of life in mind, focusing on the recyclability of materials.

    Once a garment comes to the end of its life, it can be recycled using Stuff4Life's patent-pending chemical recycling solution that’s currently in development, with the recovered materials from the recycling process becoming valuable raw materials that can be transformed back into new polyester yarn for garment production over and over again.

    Dalvir Sarkaria, Product and Procurement Manager said:

    "We are delighted to have been awarded 'Recycled Product of the Year' for this range. This is an incredible achievement for Arco under our own brand and further enhances our focus on working towards a circular approach to product development."

    Jim Harbidge, Head of Sustainability at Arco said:

    "This award confirms our view of a future where the value of textiles is preserved through the process we have developed. As we and our customers begin to move away from thinking about these items as 'disposable', we have been able to incorporate other aspects of design to offer comfort, durability, recycling ease and of course lower life-time costs. Our aim is to make the most sustainable items also the lowest cost choice. Our new range is already available to customers who are working with arco on their journey to circularity."

    John Twitchen, Co-Founder of Stuff4Life said:

    "This award is the result of all the hard work and commitment Arco has made in developing these exceptionally well-designed products. Nearly 90 per cent of the 33 million workwear items provided to workers annually currently end up in landfill1 or are incinerated but this workwear range is fit for the future, a future where materials have multiple usages and longer lifecycles.

    We're pleased to have played a role in challenging conventions and championing change, and of course we look forward to recycling these fantastic products back into new stuff when they have served their purpose."

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  • New Safety Store in Belfast is Now Open

    20 November 2023

    Our new store in Belfast is now open and is packed with the best gear. Come and join the celebrations this week to benefit from:

    • Unmissable exclusive offers from brands such as MASCOT, Snickers, DeWALT, Berghaus
    • FREE Berghaus bag for first 100 customers to make a purchase
    • Meet Experts in Safety: Our Hose and Vending experts are on hand offering help and advice, plus experts from brands you know and trust from Berghaus, Snickers and MASCOT
    • On-Site Face Fit Testing: Face-fit testers are on-site throughout the opening week and 30-minute appointments can be booked for just £50 ex VAT with a FREE Sundstrom SR 900 Half-Face Respirator Mask with P3 Filer Kit upon completion. Simply give the store a call to book a slot that's convenient for you.
    • PLUS a Charity Prize Draw and food and refreshments throughout the launch day.

    The new Safety Store has been enhanced to better serve the community, offering 2,000 products in stock to choose from and over 22,000 additional products available through a click and collect service.

    The store stocks a range of personal protective equipment and workwear from the biggest and most trusted brands like TROJAN, MASCOT, Snickers, DeWALT, Berghaus, with exclusive discount prices throughout the opening week.

    Arco inventory managed solutions experts will be on site all week to discuss vending machine and asset locker solutions, along with Arco’s hose and reels expert on the 20th and 21st of November. Product experts from Berghaus, Snickers and Uvex will also be available on site on opening day to support customers with advice on selecting the right products for their needs.

    The new store features customer seminar rooms for bespoke training sessions and provides accredited Fit2Fit Face Fit testing enabling customers to test their face masks to ensure they provide the necessary respiratory protection. Throughout the opening week, customers can call ahead and book a 30-minute Face Fit Test appointment for £50 ex VAT with a free Sundstrom SR900 Half-Face Respirator Mask and P3 Filter Kit worth £47 inc VAT given upon completion.

    You can find the Belfast store: 10 Mayfield Link, Newtownabbey, BT36 4AW, five minutes away from its previous location on Trench Road.

    To find your nearest Arco store, click here.

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