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If Your Facility Ready?

How to use Targeted Hygiene to help maintain hygiene behaviours in your facility this winter

There can be a real concern around cold and flu infection rates1. This, coupled with a heightened public awareness of the dangers posed by infectious diseases following the pandemic, requires the implementation of common approaches to hygiene, founded in clear scientific understanding of modes of transmission and targeted at preventing the spread of infections in public spaces.

The SC Johnson Professional® Targeted Hygiene programme has been specifically designed with the support of experts to enable managers to equip their facilities with the appropriate infrastructure and regimes for both targeted hand and surface hygiene, to help break the chain of infection.

Office cleaning

Impactful education - Supporting behavioural change towards a culture where the risk moments are clear to all and where targeted hygiene is practised is one of the best ways to help minimise risk and create safe, healthy public spaces and workplaces.

Essential products - A dedicated range of hand hygiene and surface cleaning and disinfection products, that when used in combination with each other and as part of a programme can help effectively break the chain of infection. Shop the range here today.

*Regular hand hygiene helps reduce the spread of germs. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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We can help you create an effective infrastructure and regimes for both targeted hand and surface hygiene to help address the 8 high-risk moments and break the chain of infection in your facility

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