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Fas-Trac® III Hard Hat

All in one comfort and safety for workers

Ensuring your workforce wear their safety helmet can be a real headache. MSA Safety, the leading provider of industrial helmets, has a solution: the Fas-Trac® III Harness. No more pressure headaches, hair being pulled out, or the need to sacrifice worker comfort for safety.

Are you familiar with the key roles of a helmet harness?

The main component of a safety helmet is its shell - the outer part of the helmet designed to protect the wearer from falling objects by deflecting them - and its harness.

The harness fulfils several crucial functions:

For your safety

  • It plays a critical shock-absorbing role in the event of an impact.
  • It ensures the helmet stays on your head, even when you invert your head or shake it.
  • It keeps the helmet stable on your head.
For your comfort
  • Adjustment options allow you to adapt comfortably to wearing preferences.
  • Pressure points and compression headaches are a thing of the past.
  • It ensures the hard hat is balanced on your head.
  • It allows air to circulate well inside the shell.
  • It does not cause hair-pulling.
  • Its sweatband, made of a breathable material, covers the headband's full circumference, ensuring wide coverage of your forehead.
  • Its closure system is easy to handle, even if you are wearing safety gloves.

Safety Helmet Harness Benefits

Safety helmet harnesses are not all equal. What will you gain by choosing MSA safety helmets fitted with the Fas-Trac® III Wheel Ratchet Harness?


  • The lower nape strap improves retention.
  • Adjusts for a customised fit on the back of the head.


  • The comfort pad, by separating the back of the ratchet from the head, cradles the head while encouraging airflow.
  • Prevents hair from getting pulled.


  • The wheel ratchet offers smooth rotation, virtually no backlash, and a graspable knob that can be adjusted — even with a gloved hand! It holds securely.


  • Three levels of nape adjustment allow the desired fit and wearing height.
  • Prevents interference with the line of sight or other protective gear, such as ear defenders.
  • Self-adjusting textile crown straps for fast height adjustment and comfortable fit


  • The largest sweatband surface area on the market covers the suspension headband and the user's forehead for added comfort.
  • Prevents interference with the line of sight or other protective gear, such as ear defenders.

Other benefits include:

  • Overhead straps in woven polyester provide high comfort and long-term, consistent shock absorption performance.
  • You can slide the harness horizontally at any time: grab the helmet's shell with two hands and slide forward for better sun protection; slide backward for a better upward view.
  • No metal parts.

Fas-Trac® III Wheel Ratchet Harness

The Fas-Trac® III wheel ratchet harness improves your head protection experience and is made to go with market-leading MSA Safety helmets.

MSA Safety's extensive customer research showed the Fas-Trac® III harness was preferred by more than 92% of test users over what they were currently wearing because it improved helmet comfort, retention, and stability.


What workers using MSA safety helmets fitted with the Fas-Trac® III wheel ratchet harness say:

“I like the Fas-Trac® III due to the security of fit and the comfort of fit.”

Rachel — Construction User

“Fits lower on the back of the head. Helps helmets stay on when guys are leaning over.”

Jim — Shipyard User

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