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Shaping The Safety Agenda

We are committed to helping shape the UK's safety agenda to ensure workers go home safe every night

Arco experts contribute to some of the key debates on health and safety regulation, product quality and standards, PPE procurement and emergency planning.

Arco Submit Recommendations to the Government Inquiry on Emerging Diseases and Learnings from COVID-19

Arco has submitted evidence and a set of recommendations to help the Government learn lessons from COVID-19, and so enhance preparedness for future PPE challenges posed by the spread of new emerging diseases with pandemic potential.

Arco has been at the forefront of responding to global health emergencies and crises, both recently during COVID-19 and historically during Foot and Mouth Disease, Ebola, swine and avian flu. Our whitepaper, "Pandemic Preparedness and Business Continuity", draws on learnings from these experiences and includes actions in six areas. We urge the Government and all services and companies to act and so build our national resilience for the future.

Pandemic Prepareness

Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill

Arco letter to the UK Government

The Bill proposing to "sunset" retained EU Laws will see the revocation of important health and safety regulations including the 'six pack' that cover occupational health and safety and those that relate to specific hazardous environments.

We believe that everyone has the right to go to work and come home safe, which is something that will be seriously under threat should we reach the end of 2023 without a suitable alternative to health and safety regulation in place.

We've written to the UK Government to express concerns about the impacts of the Bill and asked to meet to discuss the potential impacts the Bill will have on the health and safety of the UK's workforce.


Arco's recommendations included in APPG Report on Respiratory Protection and the Risks of Silica Dust

In 2020, we provided testimony to the APPG for Respiratory Health and its investigation into the dangers of exposure to silica. Their report - "Silica - The Next Asbestos" cited Arco's evidence.

A follow up inquiry went further, looking at risk reduction strategies that help to decrease exposure, Arco submitted evidence and has been cited in in the latest report 'Improving Silicosis Outcomes in the UK'.


Position Paper: Towards a Safer Future - Arco's Vision for a New, Fit for Purpose Product Safety Framework

We reflect on the lessons learnt during the pandemic and share our expertise and recommendations for building a stronger product safety framework, that is not only prepared and more resilient in future emergencies, but also fit for purpose in a digital economy.

Towards a Safer Future

Arco Give Evidence to Public Accounts Committee on PPE Procurement during Pandemic

Our Chairman, Thomas Martin, appeared before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in Parliament to give evidence to the inquiry into "Government procurement and supply of personal protective equipment" during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thomas articulated key learnings and made recommendations for future pandemic preparedness, urging the Government to uphold the UK’s high safety standards.

Thomas Martin

Position Paper: Personal Protective Equipment and the Government's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

We felt a responsibility to share our experiences of the government's PPE procurement system during 2020, we wanted to contribute to the improvement of pandemic preparedness. Our Position Paper: Personal Protective Equipment and the Government’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, offered insights into our experiences dealing with Government bodies and proposed a 10 recommendations to prevent a repeat of the issues that were seen during the first wave of the crisis.

Personal Protective Equipment and the Government's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Reclaiming Health and Safety for all The Lofstedt Review 2011

In March 2011 the government appointed risk management specialist Professor Ragnar Löfstedt to chair an Independent Review of Health and Safety legislation to make proposals for simplifying the existing raft of health and safety legislation. The review considered the opportunities for reducing the burden of health and safety legislation on UK businesses while maintaining the progress made in improving health and safety outcomes. Arco welcomed the response and published an expert guide with a summary of the contents of both.