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Arc Flash Garments and PPE

To Protect From Head to Toe

Following measures to mitigate electrical hazards, protect your workers from residual risk with our extensive range of Arc Flash clothing and PPE offering head to toe protection.

All garments have been tested in accordance with EN 61482-2 and supporting certification is available upon request.

This standard includes two test methods and garments are certified using one or both:

  • The Open Arc Test Method determines the Arc Thermal Performance Value (APTV), the Incident Energy Limit (ELIM) or the Energy Breakopen Threshold Value (EBT) and the calorific value gained is expressed as (cal/cm²)
  • The Box Test Method determines the Arc Protection Class Rating expressed as Class 1 (4kA) or Class 2 (7kA)

Definition of an Arc Flash:

An Arc flash is a type of electrical explosion or discharge whereby an electric current leaves its intended path and travels through the air from one conductor to another or to the ground.

Extremely high levels of energy, heat and light are released in fractions of seconds and temperatures have the potential to reach up to 35,000ºF (19,000ºC) = 4 times the temperature of the Sun's surface. Injuries can be life changing including external burns to the skin, internal burns as a result of inhalation of hot gases, hearing damage, blindness, nerve damage and potential death.