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Arco Team Take 2nd Place In Rope Rescue Competition

30 May 2024

A team of fearless work-at-height trainers from Arco Professional Safety Services have taken second place in a gruelling rope rescue competition.

The Prusik Rope Rescue Event 2024, held at the Avonmouth Dock in Bristol on May 18, featured nine teams from around the UK taking part in rescue challenges while sharing knowledge and learning in technical rope rescue.

The Arco team, made up of work-at-height trainers Rob Messenger, Jack Ball, Peter Hancock, Nat Smart, Bartek Biela and Ian Moss, faced stiff competition, including teams from emergency services and other private rescue providers.

Each team had to pass three rescue "evolutions", facing challenging scenarios such as rescuing a casualty from a narrow walkway suspended at the end of a shipping crane.

The teams had 60 minutes to complete each evolution. If a team declared they could not manage the rescue, the clock stopped and it became a training exercise, with the assessor coaching the team through the rescue.

Rob Messenger, Arco's team leader on the day, said:

"When the teams assembled on the quayside, it quickly became apparent they were all highly capable and well-drilled in technical rope rescue.

"Prior to each rescue, the team leader was given four minutes to brief the team on the scenario, rules, or restrictions.

"We decided that, when our briefing time was up and the rescue time started, we would not rush away, but instead confirm understanding and then conduct the rescue."

Putting their skills and expertise to the test and passing all three challenges, the Arco team were overjoyed to be named overall runners-up.

The top three teams were awarded a kit bag donated by Never Let Go.

Rob said the event was great for the team's continuing professional development, as their technical rescue knowledge and expertise was bolstered with lessons learnt.

He said: "We spoke to many of the other teams, looking at how they used their equipment and how we have rigged ours.

"Our product knowledge was improved too, with workshops provided by the suppliers and distributors. Some of the innovations had a clear role within some of our customers' workplaces.

"When we were announced as second place, we were chuffed to bits. It really felt that our efforts and personal time spent training had been rewarded."

Arco Professional Safety Services' complete range of workplace environment solutions includes comprehensive management of working at height challenges.

Arco's expert trainers ensure people have the proper preparation to do their jobs safely, catering for most industry sectors.

Their working at height training expertise includes:

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For more information, visit arcoservices.co.uk