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A New Year - A Renewed Focus

01 January 2024

As we start the new year, the most recent statistics from the Health and Safety Executive serve as a stark reminder that Health and Safety initiatives must remain a priority for businesses in 2024, as we see an increase in workplace fatalities, the number of working days lost and the annual cost of work-related ill health and injury.

At Arco, we believe everyone has a fundamental right to return home from work each day safe and well.

Compared to pre-pandemic levels, more workers are suffering from work-related ill health and long-term health conditions are costing lives and resources. Despite this, there has been a reduction in workers experiencing non-fatal injuries and significantly fewer working days have been lost when compared to the 2019/20. As we return to the working practices of pre-COVID, safety must reemerge as the utmost priority for businesses as we work towards eradicating workplace fatalities and reducing injuries to a minimum.

With nearly 140 years of safety expertise, businesses can seek professional training and expert advice from Arco to keep their business and their people safe.