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Arco Reduces Plastic Packaging Consumption and Carbon Emissions

16 March 2023

Arco has successfully reduced its carbon emissions and plastic use by adopting a more 'circular' approach to the packaging used in the distribution of its products.

As part of its recently launched sustainability strategy - A Safe Tomorrow - Arco has committed to reducing packaging waste in its own operations and throughout its supply chain.

The introduction of new mailing bags, made from 80% recycled polythene, which in turn is widely recyclable in the UK, has secured a 35% reduction in the amount of plastic used across its operations. Their production has also been relocated from China to Europe, resulting in an estimated carbon emission saving of 38%.

Arco uses approximately 400,000 mailing bags per year and, as part of its wider efforts to minimise climate change impacts and optimise efficiency, the company is analysing how it can apply more circular thinking within its products and, in turn, how this supports customers' sustainability aims.

Arco has also changed to a new 'void fill solution', to improve the sustainability of packaging which protects products in transit. The new alternative provides a further 13% reduction in plastic usage and carbon emissions and results in 17% less waste. Arco's overarching sustainability aim is to be carbon net zero by 2045.

Jim Harbidge, Head of Sustainability, said:

"The introduction of these changes is a small, but important step that we have taken in support of our sustainability aims and is part of a planned approach to ensure we are carbon net-zero by 2045.

"We would like to thank our packaging supplier, Hazel 4D, for their advice and support in identifying and implementing these changes.

"As a responsible choice of safety partner, we are committed to taking action to reduce climate-related impacts and are focussed on wider sustainability opportunities that we can bring forward, including how we support our local communities."

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