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Arco Investment Expands Confined Space Training Offer

02 May 2023

Arco has invested £200,000 in three new mobile confined space units to expand its national fleet and enable more bespoke training for customers working in hazardous environments across the country.

The new units will take Arco's confined space solutions to small, medium and larger customers across the UK. The units allow scenarios that simulate a range of activities that workers may face in a confined space, such as repair and maintenance work in a tunnel. They have also been effectively used to support the training of rescue team members in how to recover casualties.

Arco instructors can replicate real-world scenarios that are relevant to key industries, enabling workers to face potential risks in a controlled environment. Other hazards, such as smoke, can also be released into the tunnel systems as an additional training factor, making them suitable to train workers in a variety of situations.

The trailer units are built around a seven-metre, triple-axle chassis and contain multiple tunnels, which have a combined length of over 30 metres. Internal cameras enable instructors to monitor the safety of delegates, in real time, and review exercises using playback after training sessions are complete.

Access to a comprehensive range of equipment, such as gas monitors, harnesses, breathing apparatus and working at height equipment is available to ensure bespoke environments, tailored to the requirements of each customer, can be supported.

The trailers enable customers to access the same equipment available at Arco's safety training centres, including a range of entry equipment, such as tripods and Davit systems.

Utilising the multi and intermediate levels within the trailers, delegates can practically apply the skills they have been taught during the training in a safe and controlled environment.

The investment marks the latest step in Arco's commitment to delivering 'Joined-up Safety Solutions' and follows the recent opening of its £2million Bracknell Safety Centre, which provides health and safety services across the South of England, combining risk assessment, training and equipment provision all under one roof.

The new centre is home to state-of-the art confined space facilities, with a purpose-built labyrinth that features more than 30m of traverse capability and up to five metres of vertical access into multiple chambers to simulate relevant confined space hazards.

Since opening in November 2022, the centre has received strong positive feedback from customers and industry bodies. In addition to its confined space training offer, the Bracknell Safety Centre will offer working at height training outdoors from its recently installed 20m external tower.

Jamie Sadler, Commercial Director at Arco Professional Safety Services, said:

"As experts in safety and a leading provider of confined space training across the country, Arco is committed to delivering an effortless experience for our customers.

"As the UK's leading integrated safety products and services business, our investment in our new mobile confined space training units and in the facilities at our new state-of-the-art Bracknell Safety Centre allows us to deliver bespoke training and a joined-up approach to safety that meets even the most complex of challenges."

Brian Grunes, Confined Space Subject Matter Expert and Training Manager at Arco Professional Safety Services, said:

"Our new fleet of confined space training units allow us to bring our world-class training offer to our customers sites without losing any of the features that would be available at our safety centres."

To find out more about Arco's confined space training offer, click here or to discuss booking one of the mobile confined space units, email training@arcoservices.co.uk

To find out more about the joined-up safety offer at Arco's new Bracknell Safety Centre, click here