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Arco are the UK's leading supplier of safety products and services. Our core purpose is 'keeping people safe at work' and we are passionately committed to continually improve our quality.

Our aim is to continually improve our quality through a process of improvement, assessment and review along with clearly defined accountabilities and an assurance of risk based internal audit.

The responsibility for the delivery of quality is with everyone jointly and individually, with leadership from the Main Board and cascaded through the business.

This we achieve by:

  • Having a Quality Management System, which we review, analyse and evaluate on a regular basis.
  • Continually assessing market relevance of Arco’s product range and marketing literature.
  • Ensuring our training is designed to maximise staff potential, and the sourcing of relevant professional qualifications for personnel where required.
  • Carefully structured and regular sharing of information and ideas through Team Briefs, Meetings, Working Parties and Conferences which are designed to optimise internal communication and to provide a review mechanism.
  • Working closely with suppliers to ensure product quality and supply are ethically and environmentally maintained.
  • Audit and testing, both internal and external, are the means to which we measure the delivery of our customer service and product.
  • Testing of product within our Product Assurance Laboratory, our QA Team both in the UK and China, and third-party testing.

Issue Date: July 1st, 2021
Review Date: June 30th, 2022