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Occupational Sun Exposure Advice and Support

A variety of resources to help to educate your workforce

As an employer, you can include sun protection advice in your routine health and safety training. The benefits to your company can result in fewer absence days through sunburn, a healthier and better-informed workforce, and reduced risk to workers of skin cancer from long-term sun exposure.

Industrial Skincare Specialist

We have a dedicated Industrial Skincare Specialist who is available to assess your specific needs, deliver unique training and provide expert advice.

Our Industrial Skincare Specialist is NEBOSH and IOSH trained and has full skincare hygiene certification, advanced dermatology skincare training and, for over five years, trained at the Stoko Academy in Germany.

To arrange an informal discussion, please call our Customer Engagement Centre.

Education and Auditing

We've found that one in two organisations surveyed carried out no training on when or how to use UV protection.

Education is the starting point for positive behavioural change.

A variety of communication methods including toolbox talks and poster displays can help to deliver informative training to bring home the reality of UV exposure and how the '5 S Approach' can significantly contribute towards the prevention of developing skin cancer whilst working outdoors.

Ensure supervisors and other senior staff act as role models to drive sun protective behaviours.

Workers being trained a classroom

Downloadable Support Materials

Workers need to be aware of the hidden risk factors and the consequences of inaction. As part of our commitment to keep people safe in the workplace, we have created a package of support materials to help you implement an effective UV awareness programme.

UV Sun Exposure Checklist

  1. Is there a sun protection policy in place outlining employers' and employees' responsibilities that meet with section eight and 13 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work act 2005?
  2. Has the hierarchy of control for reducing UV exposure been applied?
  3. Have protective clothing, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses been supplied?
  4. Are there effective control measures in place to identify and manage staff that are not complying with sun protection requirements?
  5. Has a risk assessment been conducted to identify those employees who have a higher risk of exposure to UV radiation?
  6. Have employees been given information, instruction, and training on UV exposure?

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Our range of sun protection lotions and dispensers are ideal for outdoor workers who need to protect themselves against damaging ultraviolet rays.

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