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Occupational Skin Disease

Find out about the risks, legal requirements, and prevention against occupational skin disease.

Occupational skin disease is a serious health issue that often goes unreported in the workplace. After exposure to certain materials, usually over a long period of time, employees can suffer with skin conditions such as occupational dermatitis, which can often be prevented. Dermatitis isn't just dry itchy skin - in severe cases, the skin can become infected, and the end result can be career or even life changing.

As part of our commitment to keep people safe in the workplace, Arco can help you minimise the risk of occupational skin disease in your workplace. From legal requirements to recognising the symptoms, we can help you implement best practice in your workplace.


Learn about the full extent of occupational skin disease in the workplace including the statistics, costs, and effects of this seriously underestimated skin condition - the health problem you may not know you have.


Here we've outlined the common workplace hazards associated with occupational skin disease, including occupational dermatitis. Find out about the causes, symptoms, and types, plus treatment and preventative methods.

Managing Risks

Find out how to effectively manage the risks of occupational skin disease through a combination of risk assessments, following our checklist and implementing the correct procedures and skincare management system.

Safety Standards

Learn more about your legal responsibilities as an employer, explore the relevant regulations and standards, and the steps to ensure you remain compliant and your workers protected against occupational skin disease.

Our Products

View our recommendations for the right skincare products including protect, cleanse, and restore creams and gels for all types of skin conditions, environments, and usage to minimise occupational dermatitis hazards.

Advice and Support

Learn more about the science behind workplace skin disease, such as occupational dermatitis. Find downloadable resources to help with your education and on-going training to raise awareness of skin safety at work.


Occupational skin disease is preventable by taking simple, cost-effective steps by employers and their workers to avoid skin problems at work. Find out about implementing a three-step skincare management system.

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