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Think Lens Fogging Isn’t a Big Deal? Think Again.

Fogging is the No. 1 problem faced by workers wearing safety eyewear. Fogging occurs when workers transition from warm to cold environments or during physical activity and exertion. When lenses fog, workers' vision is reduced and they're at a higher risk of injuries. That's why it's important to wear safety glasses that have built-in anti-fog solutions.

When workers can't see clearly, they are less likely to work safely. Fogged lenses can lead to a variety of injuries from minor bumps to life-threatening harm. Alternatively, workers who remove their safety eyewear due to fogging, face greater risk from physical and optical radiation hazards alike.

Honeywell HydroShield® Anti-Fog technology delivers a specially formulated, dual-action coating that provides 20x longer-lasting, consistent, fog-free protection than the EN norm requirement. The coating also provides 2x greater scratch resistance for glasses than our next best anti-fog coating, which means there's no downtime on the job.

Designed with the needs of your workers in mind, many styles of Honeywell safety eyewear feature dual-action HydroShield anti-fog lens coatings.

Honeywell Avatar allows eight points of adjustability to ensure maximum all-day comfort and maximum, customizable fit for every facial profile. With its perfect balance of anti-fog coating technology and design, your workers will think you had these made just for them - while you'll know they are protected and safe.

Honeywell Avatar Eyewear

Face Shields and Visors

For certain applications, face shields that protect workers' faces from flying objects, chemical splashes, airborne debris, sparks, or potentially infectious materials are required to keep workers safe.

Honeywell's face shields offer enhanced protection and comfort, being incredibly light and highly adjustable for all-day comfort. With world-recognized innovative designs and materials, Honeywell's face shields are engineered for reliability, performance and comfort.


Wherever there is a potential for falling or flying objects, chemical splash, airborne particles, harmful radiation impacts or bumps, Honeywell's industry-leading products provide specialized, proven protection against hazards.