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Sediment Filtration Systems

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    Filtasilt is an innovative product for removing oil and sediment from water sources without the need for expensive tankers. It works by collecting water from locations such as trenches, ditches, sumps, retention ponds or manholes, and removes any traces of oil or micro-particles from the water using its special multi-stage filtration system which reduces hydrocarbons in water down to 3.5 parts per million and solids down to 80 microns, meaning it is suitable to pump onto open ground. The Filtasilt easily connects to any pump thanks to the adaptor included which suits any diameter of hose from 13mm to 76mm. It also features a highly visible indicator strip which turns blue when the filter has reached its capacity. This spill response tool is particularly of benefit to utilities or site management companies due to the simple and economical means of pumping away contaminated water or pipe leaks.

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    • Reusable spill response tool
    • Cleans water contaminated with oil as it’s being pumped away
    • Reduces costs as there is no need to remove water by tanker
    • Reduces your carbon footprint
    • Portable, simple and quick to operate
    • Includes an adaptor for attaching to any hose with a diameter of 13mm to 76mm
    • Indicator strip shows when Filtasilt has reached its capacity
    • Suitable for use in trenches, ditches, sumps, retention ponds, manholes, ground works, excavations, dykes, watercourses etc
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