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Snow Ploughs, Scoops & Shovels

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  • Code:5502014
    Tough and durable, this one-piece shovel is perfect for a wide range of tasks from clearing snow from paths and access routes to transporting food. Its lightweight form makes it easy to handle and helps to prevent fatigue, while its bright colour ensures that its easily located. Then, when you’re finished using this versatile shovel, it is incredibly easy to clean by hand, or it can be autoclaved or placed in a dishwasher.

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    • Polypropylene shovel
    • Lightweight form makes this shovel easy to use
    • Tough one-piece construction is durable as well as hygienic and easy to clean
    • Versatile and suitable for a wide range of tasks from shovelling food to shovelling snow
    • Can be cleaned in a dishwasher (maximum temperature 93°C) or autoclave (maximum temperature of 121°C)
    • Minimum usage temperature: -20°C
    • Sturdy 1035mm ‘T’ handle
    • Blade dimensions: 50mm x 271mm x 327mm
  • Code:5502100
    This handy snow shovel is ideal for clearing paths and access routes in freezing conditions, and has a steel lip attached to its extra-large plastic blade that makes it perfect for cutting through ice. The steel lip also helps to protect this durable shovel, while the large blade makes clearing large amounts of snow and ice easier.

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    • Snow shovel featuring a lengthy wooden handle with a plastic ‘D’ grip handle
    • The Hillbrush Traditional range features tools crafted from sustainably sourced materials including high-grade timber and natural fibres ideal for agriculture and construction
    • Dimensions: (length) 1342mm x (width) 447mm x (height) 176mm
    • 380mm-wide plastic blade makes it easier to clear large amounts of snow and ice
    • Steel lip cuts through ice and protects the shovel from wear and tear
    • Weight: 1.74kg
  • Code:5505017
    Perfect for clearing snow from paths, driveways and other access routes, this great-value snow shovel has a wide blade that helps remove large amounts of snow quickly, helping to keep employees and visitors safe while also ensuring that businesses can remain open in bad weather.

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    • Hardy scoop shovel
    • Lightweight form makes this shovel easy to use
    • Sturdy 1.4m handle
    • Blade width: 440mm
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