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Heat Shrink Wraps

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  • Code:4623905
    Shrink wrap, otherwise known as shrink film, is an incredibly versatile material most commonly used on packaging of finished goods as, when heat is applied to the film via a conveyor heat tunnel or heat gun, it shrinks tightly around the item within. This polyethylene shrink wrap is ideal for wrapping around various products and equipment.

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    • Protective 125-micron polyethylene shrink film ideal for the packaging industry
    • Sheet is folded in half on the roll
    • Designed to protect enclosed products from damage, dirt, weathering and more
  • Code:4623910
    Durable and designed to cover either UK or European pallets, these gusseted shrink pallet covers work to shield pallet loads from damage, dirt and weather. Crafted from 125-micron polythene, these robust pallet covers are incredibly easy to fit and provide long-term protection.

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    • Clear gusseted shrink wrap covers crafted from 125-micron polythene
    • Works to protect pallet loads from damage, contaminants and weather
    • Available for UK pallets (dimensions: 1290mm x 2510mm x 1900mm)
    • Available for Euro pallets (dimensions: 1270mm x 2330mm x 1800mm)

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