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Pallet Toppers

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    Transporting pallets can be hazardous, not necessarily for employees but for the pallets and loads that they are carrying. Often, pallets will be transported to multiple locations where they are moved and stacked, so to avoid your pallets being buried and damaged you can place a pallet topper on them. These pyramid-shaped Beaverswood pallet toppers provide a clear sign to others that should help prevent pallets being stacked on top of it, either before or after strapping or shrink wrapping. All in all, these pallet toppers provide a cost-effective, cheap solution to a possibly costly and common issue.

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    • Pallet topper cones that sit on top of pallets to help prevent double stacking
    • Helps to reduce the chances of pallet damage
    • Can be used in conjunction with strapping and shrink wrap
    • Features highly visible and understandable graphics

    Great for...
    Warehousing / retail / factories
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