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Coupling Wrenches

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  • Code:3109134
    This Draper torque wrench features clear, accurate engravings in both pounds and Newton metres, as well as a micrometre sleeve so you can achieve accurate readings. Once torque has been achieved, this tool will emit an audible noise and tension will be automatically released.

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    • Draper ratchet torque wrench
    • 1/2” square-drive
    • Audible click will be heard, and tension released, when torque is reached
    • Clockwise right-hand thread torque tasks only
    • Ratchet head is engraved with Nm and lb
    • Micrometre sleeve allows you to set accurate pre-set torque values
    • Length: 475mm
    • Marked range: 30Nm-210Nm / 22.1Lb – 154.9Lb
    • Supplied in a blow-moulded storage case
  • Code:5480038
    These double-sided spanners are crafted from aluminium, making them ideal for non-sparking tasks such as those that include petroleum.

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    • Spanners for use with lug nuts
    • Feature two spanners of differing thread sizes
    • Crafted from aluminium to ensure they are suitable for non-sparking applications
    • Suitable for use with Bsp, URT and BS 336 threads
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