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  • Code:3175302
    Whether you’re too warm or you just want better air circulation in your workplace, this Clarke extra-high output drum fan is sure to get the job done. With a robust yet lightweight steel frame and three ergonomically designed aluminium blades, this fan is able to deliver airflow at up to 274m³/min, instantly cooling even large areas such as warehouses and factories. As for portability, there are two integrated handles and as many wheels with sleek rubber tyres, so you can manoeuvre the fan wherever you’d like without worrying about weight or leaving scratches.

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    • Intelligently designed drum fan with a maximum airflow output of 274m³/min
    • Constructed from durable painted steel with three lightweight aluminium blades
    • Fully adjustable with a 360° tilt range
    • Two integral handles and wheels make moving this fan much easier
    • Two speed controls allow you to tailor airflow output
    • Steel guard ensures safe operation

    Great for...
    Warehouses / factories / shops / workshops
  • Code:3736205
    Keep things cool and simple with this easy-to-use chrome floor fan. With a tilt-adjustable head, this fan aims to circulate large quantities of air, which is made even easier due to the three speed settings.

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    • Chrome 230V floor fan
    • Three speed settings
    • Features F56 chrome safety blades
    • Tilt-adjustable head
  • Code:3736233
    Keep things cool and simple with this easy-to-use white pedestal fan. With an adjustable 406mm stem and oscillating head, this fan aims to circulate large quantities or air, which is made even easier due to the three speed settings.

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    • White 230V pedestal fan
    • Features three speed settings, which allows you to choose the optimum speed and temperature
    • Oscillating and tilt-adjustable head
    • Stem is adjustable
  • Code:3736261
    Suitable for use in a wide variety of locations and spaces, this Clarke Devil fan heater is possibly one of the most versatile heaters on the market. Sheltered within a steel cabinet, this electric fan heater features adjustable heat output and thermostatic controls, as well as three temperature settings to suit your needs. Meanwhile, protection measures such as the thermostat and insulated handles ensure you remain safe while using this heater.

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    • Rugged 400V electric fan heater within a steel cabinet ideal for heating small to medium spaces
    • Suitable for domestic and commercial use, as well as for use in workshops, garages and storerooms
    • Features variable heat output controls, thermostatic control and three temperature settings that range between 5kW and 15kW heat output
    • Safety thermostat prevents overheating
    • Insulated handles ensure safe handling
    • Mains connection lead is three metres long
    • Maximum airflow rate: 1559m³/h
    • Dimensions: 400mm x 345mm x 535mm
    • Weight: 14.4kg
  • Code:3736260
    Adjustable in almost every way possible, the Igenix flat and upright fan heater is as versatile as it is practical. Not only can this fan heater be used vertically and flat, it can also circulate cool air with ease and features variable temperature settings. All this means that you can tailor this heater’s output to suit your needs, making it one handy little heater to have around.

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    • Compact, lightweight heater
    • Designed to be versatile, allowing you to use this heater in both upright and flat positions
    • Integrated handles allow for easy manoeuvrability while tip-over switch ensures this heater is particularly robust
    • Adjustable thermostat and cool air setting
    • Features built-in protection from overheating
    • Dimensions: 250mm x 125mm x 250mm
    • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Code:3736420
    Keep things cool and simple with this easy-to-use white desk fan. With three speed settings and an optional oscillating function, this fan is able to circulate large quantities of air all while being just 470mm in height.

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    • White 230V desk fan
    • Features three speed settings controlled by pushbuttons
    • Optional oscillating function provides maximum air distribution
    • Dimensions: 470mm x 340mm x 255mm
    • Weight: 2.5kg
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