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Structural Adhesives & Bonding

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  • Code:4483902
    Evo-Stik Gripfill adhesive is perfect for a variety of tasks in both professional and DIY situations. Whether indoors or out, this solvent-free adhesive works to grab materials instantly and can be used on an incredible array of surfaces.

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    • High-performance solvent-free adhesive
    • Incredibly strong, including in vertical applications
    • Bonds with plywood, blockwood, chipboard, hardboard, laminated plastics, PVC, insulation, metal sheeting, brick, sand screed, plaster and more
    • Suitable for inside and outside use, as long as the bond is covered
    • Provided in a 350ml (C30) cartridge
  • Code:4484131
    Evo-Stik Liquid Nails is a solvent-free, incredibly strong adhesive that bonds almost instantly to a wide variety of surfaces and materials. This includes solvent-sensitive plastics such as polystyrene, which makes this adhesive incredibly versatile.

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    • High-strength solvent-free adhesive
    • Incredibly strong, including in vertical applications
    • Bonds with almost all building materials
    • Can be painted and sanded once dry
    • Supplied in a 290ml (C20) cartridge
  • Code:4489600
    Soudal Grip All is a powerful solvent-based adhesive formulated using Soudal's unique Reinforced Bonding Technology. With a high initial grab of 125kg/m², this adhesive works to create a strong final bond swiftly, and since you can use this glue on a wide variety of materials and surfaces it is certainly going to come in handy.

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    • Solvent-based adhesive with Reinforced Bonding Technology
    • Has a high-initial grab (125kg/m²)
    • Resistant to moisture
    • Suitable for filling gaps
    • Replaces the need for nails and screws
    • Can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces including wood, plaster and tiles
  • Code:5705234
    TRAFFIC-LINE PARK-IT wheel stops offer an effective, convenient way to prevent vehicle overruns, thereby protecting land, buildings and vehicles from impact and possible damage. Ensure your wheel stop is firmly in place my fixing it with this two-part epoxy adhesive, which is formulated to adhere to concrete, asphalt, bitumen and epoxy-coated surfaces.

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    • Two-part epoxy adhesive for PARK-IT wheel stops
    • Adheres to concrete, asphalt, bitumen and epoxy-coated surfaces
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