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  • Code:4F7999
    Perfect for awkward spaces and situations, the Ferno Paraguard Excel stretcher is incredibly easy to use during demanding scenarios. Transport patients in either a horizontal or vertical fashion, and when you’re done the stretcher can be easily packed away into a valise backpack.

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    • Versatile stretcher suitable for use underground, in confined spaces, in high buildings and in helicopter rescues
    • Can be used horizontally or vertically
    • Extremely hygienic and easy to maintain as this stretcher is resistant to water, oil, grease and rot
    • Packs away into a valise backpack
    • Can take up to 136kg (21st) of weight
  • Code:4F8000
    Intelligently designed to ensure both the patient and operator are as comfortable as possible, this Ferno safe evacuation chair is suitable for a wide range of evacuations, including those that require going down stairs. There’s an adjustable headrest and straps for the patient, to ensure they are secure, while the easy-grip handle is low so operator control is outstanding.

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    • Evacuation chair designed specifically to make transporting patients as easy as possible
    • Suitable for transporting patients downstairs without the need for heavy lifting
    • Features a low, adjustable handle for superior operator control
    • Removable and adjustable head pad and straps for added comfort and security
    • Can take up to 180kg of weight
  • Code:55G0750
    The CODE RED head immobiliser has been designed with both the patient and the first aider in mind, offering support as well as minimal procedure interference. The closed-cell foam blocks are sturdy, with holes for ear canal access, while the head and chin straps ensure the unit remains intact and firm. The head immobiliser can also be paired with a wide range of standard backboards, as well as spinal boards and cervical collars.

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    • Features two durable head straps and a unique chin-strap designed to conform to the patient’s head for additional support and comfort
    • Large ear holes in the closed-cell foam head blocks ensure that the patient’s ear canal is easily accessible
    • Provides minimal interference with x-rays, MRIs and CT scans
    • The universal attachment base ensures this head immobiliser is suitable for use with flat backboards, spinal boards and cervical collars
    • Easy to use and extremely lightweight
  • Code:55G0760
    Innovative and practical, these CODE RED spider straps make reducing patient movement fast, effective and more efficient than ever. Designed for use with CODE RED spinal boards and rescue stretchers, these straps can be fixed and secured using the hook-and-loop fastenings in a matter of moments, significantly reducing the risks to patients who need to be strapped in firmly at the limbs and torso to prevent further injuries.

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    • Intelligently designed spider straps that reduce the risk of patient movement
    • Suitable for use with CODE RED spinal boards and rescue stretchers
    • One set contains ten straps
    • High-strength hook-and-loop fasteners ensure these straps can be fixed and secured in seconds
  • Code:55G0790
    Transport patients safely and securely by using the CODE RED two-piece rescue stretcher. Crafted from sturdy yet lightweight aluminium, this stretcher features several hinged panels that can be swivelled and moved beneath a patient’s body. Then, once they are all placed and locked, the stretcher can be lifted, and the patient can be safely carried and relocated. The fact this stretcher can be used without too much movement on the patient’s part can make a huge difference, especially in the case of spinal injuries.

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    • Sturdy, lightweight aluminium rescue stretcher designed for gentle yet firm patient support
    • Hinged panels can be swivelled and relocated without disturbing the patient, then locked in place to move the patient safely
    • Features an open centre so that patients can be x-rayed
    • Adjustable length allows users to modify the stretcher when necessary
    • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Code:55G2300
    Not only is the CODE RED self-propelled wheelchair an incredibly innovative and practical alternative to more traditional wheelchairs, it is also one of the toughest wheelchairs on the market. Crafted from extra-thick steel, this seat can take on all the usual knocks that are bound to happen without being ruined or becoming unwieldly. That said, that doesn’t mean that this wheelchair is heavy and burdensome, in fact is weighs just 19kg so it’s easy to manoeuvre and it can be folded up for quick and efficient transport.

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    • Super lightweight yet tough, steel-frame folding wheelchair
    • Designed to take on the typical knocks wheelchairs receive when mounting kerbs, ramps and other obstacles
    • Features 609mm pneumatic rear-wheels and polyurethane front-wheels with solid tyres
    • Fixed armrests, leg rests and flip-up footplates
    • Nylon seat is flame-resistant
    • Includes patient safety-restraints
    • Wheelchair weight: 19kg
    • Maximum patient weight: 114.3 kg (18 stone)
  • Code:55G6400
    While some stretchers take up a lot of valuable room in vehicles and medical rooms, this CODE RED bi-fold stretcher has been designed specifically to provide support without being too big and bulky. Capable of shrinking down to half its size, this folding stretcher folds both horizontally and vertically, ensuring it is easy to carry and store while not in use. When it is required, this bright orange stretcher can hold patients with its strong aluminium frame, while the main material remains waterproof, flame-resistant and anti-crack.

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    • Folding stretcher with a high-strength aluminium frame
    • Material is waterproof, flame-resistant and extremely unlikely to crack
    • Supplied with a zipped carry bag with straps
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Bright orange colouring ensures this stretcher is easy to see
  • Code:55G6900
    It is incredibly important that workplaces have an evacuation procedure, complete with plans and appropriate equipment, especially if they are not located on ground level. To ensure your workplace is prepared, try the CODE RED evacuation chair, a robust yet lightweight contraption that enables you to get sick or injured patients down stairs with ease. Suitable for all staircases excluding those with a spiral design, this incredibly intelligent chair also comes with a wall bracket and cover, so it can be stored in a practical and convenient spot.

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    • Lightweight, compact evacuation chair for transporting sick or injured patients who cannot tackle stairs
    • Incredibly easy to store due to the wall bracket and cover
    • Features an adjustable head pad and patient restraint
    • Impervious to bodily fluids
    • Has two rear-wheels that make this chair easy to manoeuvre
  • Code:55G7000
    Post-trauma management is a crucial step in treating spinal or neck injuries, which is why this CODE RED spinal board is an essential item for any emergency professional. This board helps to prevent patient movement, significantly reducing the chance of further injuries, and is compatible with head immobilisers which are also crucial when transporting a patient with suspected or confirmed spinal damage.

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    • Spinal board crafted from PE material and supplied in a vivid orange for improved visibility
    • Suitable for use with the CODE RED head immobiliser
    • Compatible with x-rays due to its translucent polyethylene plastic construction
    • Impervious to bodily fluids and easy to clean
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