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Wound Cleansers & Wipes

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    When placed inside the ergonomically designed Astroplast Pull ’n’ Open wipes dispenser, these alcohol-free wipes are incredibly convenient and efficient. As they are free from alcohol these wipes are more suited to a wide range of skin types and environments, and yet they remain powerful.

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    • These wipes are free from alcohol, so they are more suitable for a range of skin types and environments
    • Astroplast Pull ’n’ Open products are designed to reduce refill and restock costs by up to 35%
    • Fit easily into the Pull ’n’ Open wipes dispenser, available separately
  • Code:55G1501
    Instead of paper or crepe, which can sometimes be tough on skin, these Reliwipe saline cleansing wipes are crafted from soft yet strong fabric. This makes them significantly more suitable for sensitive skin, especially since the formula is entirely alcohol-free and contains safe, sterile salt water.

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    • Sterile and alcohol-free cleansing wipes crafted from extra-strong yet soft material
    • Safe for all skin types
    • Individually wrapped for improved hygiene
    • Impregnated with safe salt water (NaCl 0.9%)
    • These cleaning wipes meet HSE regulations
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