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Foil Blankets

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  • Code:4F8201
    The Reliance Medical foil blanket is ideal for emergency situations in which a patient may be susceptible to hypothermia. Not only does this insulated blanket work to retain 90% of body heat emitted by the wearer, it is also designed to protect against wind and rain, so the user is even more protected from the elements.

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    • Disposable adult size foil blanket, otherwise known as a space blanket ,survival blanket or radiation blanket
    • Foil blankets are designed to lower the potential of hypothermia and are listed in the British-Standard Regulations (BS-8599) as an essential first aid kit item
    • Ultra-insulating with a heat-reflective metallic surface that retains 90% of body heat
    • Also suitable for protection against wind and rain
  • Code:55G5100
    This Reliance Medical cellular blanket is ideal for situations in which a patient must stay warm. Also suitable for use as a pillow, this 100% cotton blanket is crafted from natural fibres that reduce the risk of skin irritation and has a hemmed edge to prevent fraying.

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    • 100% cotton, generously sized cellular blanket
    • Designed to keep patients warm by trapping air around the user
    • Can also be used as a pillow
    • Crafted from natural fibres that reduce the risk of skin irritation
    • Solid hemmed edge ensures this blanket is unlikely to fray
    • Machine-washable
  • Code:55G5200
    This Reliance Medical survival blanket kit is ideal for public spaces and situations in which large amounts of people are exposed to the elements for lengthy periods of time. There are one-hundred foil blankets supplied in the Marseilles bag, 80% of which are for adults, while the remaining 20 are perfect for children.

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    • Survival blanket kit containing 80 adult-sized foil blankets and 20 child foil blankets
    • Perfect for public spaces where evacuations may be necessary
    • Helps to prevent patients developing hypothermia
    • Supplied in a green Marseilles bag
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