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Bandage Scissors & Safety Pins

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  • Code:55G1900
    Designed specifically to make applying dressings and other first aid supplies as easy as possible, these Reliance Medical universal bandage scissors are a real must-have. Lengthy and angled precisely to ensure that trimming and cutting bandages is as easy as possible, these scissors are sure to come in handy.

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    • Bandage scissors designed to for a variety of tasks
    • Blades feature serrated edges
    • Allows the user to trim and cut bandages with ease
    • Integrated black plastic handles are designed to improve grip for effective use
  • Code:55G9770
    Reliance Medical safety pins are ideal for securing bandages in place, especially triangular bandages that are used to keep arms secure and elevated. Available in a variety of sizes, these safety pins are sure to become a key part of your first aid kit.

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    • First-rate safety pins in a variety of sizes
    • Ideal for securing bandages in place
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