Tethered Tools for Working at Height

Our Tool@rrest product range

Simple, flexible solutions for tethering and securing tools for contractors and operators who work at height in the construction, manufacturing or utilities industries. They are also widely used by engineers and maintenance contractors to prevent tools from falling into valuable equipment such as engines and production lines.

The Tool@rrest range features hand tools, lanyards and tool rigs, organisers and lifting buckets. Hand tools feature an integral tether which when connected to a lanyard enable the tools to be secured to a fixed point or person. The tethers are designed to provide the user freedom and mobility and not to hinder the functionality of the tool when in use. Lanyards are designed and manufactured to be attached to the operator's wrist, belt, bag or any other suitable location.

Work safely by tethering tools preventing the risk of falling objects striking and injuring a person below or damaging valuable machinery.


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